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Name:Mr. Denie Rimantho, ST [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Denie Rimantho, ST at jakarta
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Denie Rimantho, ST at jakarta
Address:head office : jakarta
jakarta, Jakarta
workshop ; Executive Industrial Park Batam Centre ( machine / machining)
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Registration Date:Jul. 29, 2004
Last Updated:Dec. 23, 2014
Business Nature:Service of Business Services category

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We are new company as prepare merit engineering ( docking & floating repair) :
1. Main Contraktor/ Sub contractor / Docking & Repair ship/ tug boat/ barge/ tongkang ( floating & docking) CPO, Coal Mining , Maintenance Single Point Mooring ( SPM) & Single buoy mooring with price can be negotiation
2. Scrapp ship old ( jakarta, semarang, cirebon, indramayu)
3. Drawing construction profile, shell expansion, mid ship, lines plan, design winch construction etc.
4. to be calculated hidrostatic, inclining test, tank capacity, etc
5. to be consultant estimate before / after docking ship repair
6. Running repair electric & machinery work on the ship
7. Sub contractor built up all construction: kapal ikan ( purse seine) rampdoor, new ponton, ponton bridge, ponton bridge, ponton crane, ponton work ( work barge) , ship, barge coal mining, CPO, tugboat, Single Bouy Mooring ( SBM) , Single point mooring ( SPM) ) , Mooring bouy construction, build SPOB ship ( single porpeler oil barge) , suction pump ponton, mooring boat, suction mud pontoon, dermaga apung pontoon
8. Sanblasting for project , ship, barge, SBM, SPM for offshore & onshore product
9. Ship' s Cleaning, Purging service, Container
10. Repair hydroulic, main engine overhoul, genset overhoul, CPP overhoul, Bow trhuster overhoul
11. Sale Air Bag second and new ( Ex. Batam, Singapore) , dia. 1.5 - 2 meter panjang 12 mtr- 14 mtr ( 8 layer)
12. Lokasi Galangan/ shipyard ( kerjasama dg galangan kapal) di wilayah-wilayah : Jakarta - paliat, Jakarta Marunda Cirebon, Indramayu

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